Berg Borg in Milan

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Giovedì 12/11/2020
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We are honored to welcome Bergborg in Milan

For some of you he might be only known for his blog, where he shares some of his collection of vintage kinbaku-materials. The blog also offers a growing number of texts translated from Japanese into English, commissioned and edited by Bergborg.

Drawing on his academic background in the humanities, Bergborg in 2016 made a series of in-depth interviews with thirteen key persons in the contemporary Kinbaku-scene in Japan. Insights from these interviews have been important for his further historical studies of the field.

In November 2020, Bergborg will visit Milan and offer a weekend of lectures at the School of Rope. Many original books, magazines, videos and drawings from his private collection will be showcased.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Early bird tickets available.


Friday 13th November 2020:
20.00–20.30 Welcome
20.30–22.30 Introductory lecture on Itoh Seiu
22.30 Dinner at a pizzeria with all the people who want to join*

Saturday 14th November 2020:
10.30–14.00 Lecture on Minomura Kou
14.00–15.30 LUNCH BREAK*
15.30–18.30 Lecture on Nureki Chimuo
18.30–21.30 DINNER BREAK*
21.30–24.00 Club. – a kinbaku night with two performers – open wine and sake bar

Sunday 15th November 2020:
11.00–14.30 Lecture on Nureki and Kinbiken
14.30–16.00 LUNCH BREAK*
16.00–17.30 Concluding Reflections, Q&A
17.30 – 18.00 Venue outfitting
18.00 – 23.00 Tiny Jam Session
23.00 – Dinner at a pizzeria with all the people who want to join*

*not included in the ticket price


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